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Thursday, December 08, 2016
Site Control Basics 
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Would you like to run an online newspaper easily and profitably?   We offer newspaper software that will make that possible at a remarkably affordable price.

Would you like to operate a real estate site and make frequent, even daily, changes to it and keep all your listings fully up to date without having to pay someone to do it for you?  We offer the world's best real estate publishing service at a price that every agency can afford.  If you can type and connect to the Internet you can easily use our system and make your business glisten in the public eye.

Would you like to develop a church website and keep it updated daily or weekly without having to pay someone to do it?  We offer the best church online communications system available.  For more details see our sister site

Have you ever wanted to start your own newspaper?  ReadMore newspaper publishing software will make it possible without making you go broke.

If you already publish a newspaper would you like to put it online with the most profitable web publishing system available?  Newspaper advertising software is an integral part of our online newspaper software.  We include it at no extra charge.

Designed specifically for online newspapers and magazines, our system also comes in configurations for real estate offices, school newspapers, churches, law offices, medical offices, and many other businesses and entities. In fact, we offer our newspaper customers the opportunity to sell these other configurations to local businesses and entities.

It's incredibly easy to use! All you need is access to the Internet.

Get the whole system, the best online newspaper publishing software available, including your hosting account and unlimited free technical support by email and telephone, for $100 a month plus a very modest one-time setup fee and start publishing today!

Contact us at 615-866-4431 and Where else can you get a full-featured online news publication up and running for that price?

Newspapers.  Our full-featured, dynamic Newspaper Content Management System offers you the most effective and most profitable web site maintenance available.

No special technical skills are required and you don't have to know any html. In fact, all you need is your browser and a connection to the internet.

With our web publishing system you can easily include such applications as:

  • News/Articles Easily create and upload news items and articles with as many pictures as you want.  Your article automatically archives on the date that you set it to expire and it can be recalled by simple word searches.
  • Real Estate Listings. Increase your revenues and profits by partnering with real estate agencies to provide online listings and agent biographies.
  • Classifieds. Classifieds are going online, and you might as well join in the profits! Our classifieds function is completely automated so that your customers can place them and pay for them from the front end, and they can even post their own pictures. And you can easily post classifieds for your walk-in customers. The classifieds are fully integrated with your publication - these are not off-site ads! These are your ads and you have complete control over them.
  • Display Advertisements (Banner Ads). Wait'll you see what you can do with these! You can easily set them to appear on every page, or only on pages related to their content. We've even recently added a feature that makes it possible for you to relate banner ads to specified classifieds categories.
  • Blogs. Start your own blog, and set up blogs for your writers and even your readers. Blogs are a great way for you to make your publication interactive with your readers.
  • Shopping Cart
  • Yellow Pages. Another amazing way to generate substantial income! Sell all kinds of businesses and other entities a place in your online business directory just like print yellow pages directories. You can undersell them all because they have printing and paper costs and you don't. And better yet, you're not stuck with a once-a-year publishing cycle. You can post a customer's yellow page ad any time you wish!
  • Newsletters and their Archives. You can reach out to your readers with our built-in newsletter functionality without having to wait for them to come to you.
  • Picture Gallery
  • Guest Book
  • Polls
  • Event Calendar
  • Community Events
  • Web Directory
  • Much, much more!
All of these are included in the basic monthly price. No add-on charges whatsoever!

Sample newspaper sites:

Real Estate Offices: Designing to sell your image and your listings, our developers have created the easiest to use, most complete system available for publishing and managing your listings and presenting your agent biographies. All of this is included in your subscription, and you get a full website as well. All of this can be set up by anyone with simple typing skills. It requires no technical skills whatsoever. Our system is the best, lowest cost solution available for real estate offices.

Sample real estate site:

Any other business or organization: The ReadMore publishing system is the most affordable, the most complete, and the easiest to use of any web publishing system available. Whether you're wanting to publish a newspaper, a law office website, a church website with newsletter or bulletin, an ezine, or virtually any other kind of website, the ReadMore publishing system is simply the best and most cost effective available anywhere.

There is no obligation. We don't require any contracts, which means that you can cancel at any time. We bill quarterly in advance.  And we offer unlimited free technical assistance by email and telephone.

Get the whole system, including your hosting account, for $100 a month and start publishing today! Where else can you start a full-featured publication for $100 a month?

Call or email today!

Contact us at 615-866-4431 and

Try it! You'll never know how easy and productive managing your own newspaper web site can be if you don't try it. Give us a call or send us an email and start saving today!  We'll gladly provide links to some sites powered by our system.