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Thursday, December 08, 2016
Site Control Basics 
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We don't have many rules in our publication policy.  However, there are a few, and they are as follows:

"ReadMore Publishing System" means the servers and software that you use in publishing your site when you purchase the online publication services of ReadMore Systems, Incorporated.

We don't require a contract with our customers.

We charge an installation and setup fee of $300 to cover part of the cost of installing and assisting in setting up your site.

If you ask us to register a domain name for you, we will do so.  We will own the domain name and lease it to you for $30 per year, including the costs of registration.  Of course you may register your own domain name in which case you will own it.  If we register a domain for you ownership of the domain vests in us, and if you are no longer using it under a prepaid lease from us we may keep it, sell it, lease it, or do with it whatever we wish. 

We offer educational pricing for our services.  To qualify for educational pricing, the user must be a non-profit educational institution.  The institution may be public or private.  ReadMore Systems, Incorporated will be the sole judge of what institutions qualify for our educational pricing.

We offer volume discounts for users who use our services for multiple sites.  Ask us about pricing for multiple sites.

We bill quarterly in advance.  Failure to pay an invoice within 14 days will result in suspension of the site.  To get the site reinstated we must receive payment in full plus a $75 reactivation fee.

We do not charge for email or telephone technical support following installation and setup.  Our support hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time USA.

Uploaded images may not exceed 50,000 bytes (50 kb) per image (you can easily resize/resample images with a wonderful free program from  ReadMore Systems, Incorporated may require the removal of archived images on your site if in its opinion the images are causing you to exceed your alloted disk space on the server.  News publishing sites are alloted 3 gigabytes of bandwidth per month and 1 gigabyte of disk space.  Other sites are alloted 1 gigabyte of bandwidth per month and 100 megabytes of disk space.

If you use video on your site you should upload the actual video to a third-party server such as YouTube and display it on your site via the embed code that the third-party server will provide you.  Video can eat up your alloted bandwidth very fast if you install it directly into your site.

ReadMore Systems, Incorporated may refuse to permit the use of its servers and software for any reason whatsoever or for no reason.  ReadMore's decision shall be final.

The ReadMore Publishing System may not be used for pornographic sites, for sites which promote homosexuality, nor for sites whose content is illegal in the United States or in any of the states of the United States.

The ReadMore Publishing System may not be used for sites whose content is substantially obscene.  ReadMore will be the sole judge of what it considers to be substantially obscene.

The ReadMore Publishing System may not be used for sites which contain content that supports the invocation of spirits, mediums, the dead, or other elements of fortune-telling, witchcraft, or sorcery.

The ReadMore Publishing System may not be used in any way that discriminates against anyone under United States law regarding race, sex, or ethnic status.

ReadMore Systems, Incorporated may immediately suspend or terminate permanently or temporarily and without notice any site that is in violation of the terms of our policy as set out in this policy statement.  If a site is suspended or terminated for violation of the terms of our policy, any amounts remaining that were paid by the user as an advance quarterly payment shall be forfeited to ReadMore Systems, Incorporated.

By using the ReadMore Publishing System, you agree that you will defend, hold harmless and indemnify ReadMore Systems, Incorporated from any liability and damages which it may incur as a result of your use of the ReadMore Publishing System.

In any dispute that may arise between you and ReadMore Systems, Incorporated regarding the ReadMore Publishing System or your use of it, the laws of Wyoming and Tennessee shall apply and any court proceedings in any dispute shall be held in Wyoming or Tennessee at the election of ReadMore Systems, Incorporated.

By using the site, you as the user agree to our policy as stated above.




By requesting that ReadMore Systems, Incorporated install the ReadMore Publishing System for your use on our servers, you agree to use the software in accordance with the policy statement set out above.